alone with God _ 09/28 Psalms 106:24-31

get further understanding about God:

  • Love to talk to me. 
  • Love to teach me more things that I do not know and understand.
  • Love to help me. 


  • I have to keep believing that God's promises must be done for me.


  • I love to accept the pleasant land given by God.
  • I love to work in the pleasant job given by God.
  • I love to meet new friends given by God. 


  • O God, please forgive me that I did not believe your promise. 
  • O Lord, please forgive me that I used to eat sacrifices offered to dead gods.

good examples:

  • Not to reject the blessings from God. 
  • Keep believing God's promise.
  • Not to grumble to the Lord.
  • Listen to the Lord.
  • Not to stir up the Lord's anger.

listen to God's voice and commands:

  • My child, I won't let you die in foreign countries. Please trust me all the time and remember I love you so much.

Then they rejected the pleasant land, because they did not believe God's promise.
They stayed in their tents and grumbled and would not listen to the Lord.
So he gave them a solemn warning that he would make them die in the desert and scatter their descendants among the heathen, letting them die in foreign countries.
Then at Peor, God's people joined in the worship of Baal and ate sacrifices offered to dead gods.
They stirred up the Lord's anger by their actions, and a terrible disease broke out among them.
But Phinehas stood up and punished the guilty, and the plague was stopped. This has been remembered in his favor ever since and will be for all time to come.