alone with God _ 11/27 Psalms 132:8-18

Come to the Temple, Lord, with the Covenant Box, the symbol of your power, and stay here forever.
May your priests do always what is right; may your people shout for joy !
You made a promise to your servant David; do not reject your chosen king, Lord.
You made a solemn promise to David - a promise you will not take back: "I will make one of your sons king, and he will rule after you.
If your sons are true to my covenant and to the commands I give them, their sons, also, will succeed you for all time as kings."
The Lord has chosen Zion; he wants to make it his home: "This is where I will live forever; this is where I want to rule.
I will richly provide Zion with all she needs; I will satisfy her poor with food.
I will bless her priests in all they do, and her people will sing and shout for joy.
Here I will make one of David's descendants a great king; here I will preserve the rule of my chosen king.
I will cover his enemies with shame, but his kingdom will prosper and flourish."

What have I learned from the scripture?
What kind of Seed do I need to sow?
What kind of God I serve or follow up?
What promises will I receive?
What kind of attitudes must be kept or adjusted?
What kind of sins do I have to confess?
what kind of good examples can I learn and act?
What have I heard from God by the scripture above?

get further understanding about God:

  • God has unlimited power.
  • God is with me all the time.
  • God is in my home.
  • God is in my office.
  • God will not take back the promises.


  • The bible is the Covenant Box with God's power.
  • The bible is the Temple of the Lord.
  • God blesses our descendants.
  • God's kingdom will prosper and flourish in Taiwan.


  • My body is the Temple of the Lord.
  • Do I do always what is right?
  • Do I shout for joy? 
  • Am I true to God's covenant and the commands?
  • Do I believe that God will cover my enemies with shame?


  • O Lord, thank You to have chosen Taiwan as Your home. 
  • O Lord, please forgive us that we still have many people worshiped idols. 
  • O Lord, please release us from sins.

good examples:

  • To richly provide other countries with all they need.
  • To satisfy the poor with food.
  • To pray for pastors in all they do.

listen to God's voice and commands:

  • My child, 
  • You need to pray for your country and churches.
  • Taiwanese people will sing and shout for joy. They will turn to me.