alone with God _11/08 Psalms 119:129-136

Your teachings are wonderful; I obey them with all my heart.
The explanation of your teachings gives light and brings wisdom to the ignorant.
In my desire for your commands I pant with open mouth.
Turn to me and have mercy on me as you do on all those who love you.
As you have promised, keep me from falling; don't let me be overcome by evil.
Save me from those who oppress me, so that I may obey your commands.
Bless me with your presence and teach me your laws.
My tears pour down like a river, because people do not obey your law.

What have I learned from the scripture?
What kind of Seed do I need to sow?
What kind of God I serve or follow up?
What promises will I receive?
What kind of attitudes must be kept or adjusted?
What kind of sins do I have to confess?
what kind of good examples can I learn and act?
What have I heard from God by the scripture above?

get further understanding about God:

  • God is willing to explain me about His word to me.
  • God lights up my life and my soul. 
  • God is willing to turn to everyone who calls to Him.


  • God's teachings are wonderful; it is better than mine.
  • God brings me wisdom.


  • If I pant with open mouth to desire for God's commands, He will fill me up.


  • O Lord, please empower me to obey Your teachings with all my heart. 
  • O Lord, I would love to obey all Your teachings. However, I need more strength. 
  • Please, O Lord, have mercy on me to obey them all.

  • O Lord, please keep me from falling, please keep me from smoking, don't let me be overcome by evil smoking addiction. O Lord, I need Your help.You are what all I need.

good examples:

  • Be willing to teach others the word of God as God has done to me.
  • Give others hopes all the time as God has done to me.

listen to God's voice and commands:

  • My child, 
  • I have seen your tears pour down like a river so that I will help you. Do not give up yourself.