alone with God _ 11/05 Psalms 119:105-112

Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path.
I will keep my solemn promise to obey your just instructions.
My sufferings, Lord, are terrible indeed; keep me alive, as you have promised.
Accept my prayer of thanks, O Lord, and teach me your commands.
I am always ready to risk my life; I have not forgotten your law.
The wicked lay a trap for me, but I have not disobeyed your commands.
Your commandments are my eternal possession; they are the joy of my heart.
I have decided to obey your laws until the day I die.

What have I learned from the scripture?
What kind of Seed do I need to sow?
What kind of God I serve or follow up?
What promises will I receive?
What kind of attitudes must be kept or adjusted?
What kind of sins do I have to confess?
what kind of good examples can I learn and act?
What have I heard from God by the scripture above?

get further understanding about God:

  • God's word is my hopes.
  • God's word lights up my life.
  • God's word is bread of my soul.
  • God's word makes me success.


  • God keeps me alive from my sufferings.
  • God accepts and listens to my prayers all the times.
  • God is my eternal possession.


  • It is the right attitude to obey God's just instructions.
  • It is the right attitude to make a decision to promise God to obey His laws until the day I die.


  • O Lord, please forgive me that I got stuck in the trap because I have forgotten your law. 
  • O Lord, please empower me not to forget your law.

good examples:

  • Keep thanking to the Almighty God.
  • To teach my family members to praise and give the thanks to God.
  • To tell my friends why I love to praise and give the thanks to my God. 
  • Before reading the bible, it is great to pray to ask God to teach me for understanding in His way, not wrong in my own understanding.

listen to God's voice and commands:

  • My child, 
  • Please pray first before reading the bible. Then I will teach you my commands by my own.

  • My child, 
  • Please listen to what I have told you to, then your heart will be full of joy.
  • Please stop smoking, but pray harder and harder. Then you will be joyful.