12/17 _ alone with God _ Psalms 143 : 1-6

Lord, hear my prayer ! In your righteousness listen to my plea; answer me in your faithfulness !
Don't put me, your servant, on trail; no one is innocent in your sight.
My enemies have hunted me down and completely defeated me.
They have put me in a dark prison, and I am like those who died long ago.
So I am ready to give up; I am in deep despair.
I remember the days gone by; I think about all that you have done, I bring to mind all your deeds.
I lift up my hands to you in prayer; like dry ground my soul is thirsty for you.

What have I learned from the scripture?
What kind of Seed do I need to sow?
What kind of God I serve or follow up?
What promises will I receive?
What kind of attitudes must be kept or adjusted?
What kind of sins do I have to confess?
what kind of good examples can I learn and act?
What have I heard from God by the scripture above?

get further understanding about God:

  • God is righteousness.
  • God is faithfulness.
  • God can hear me.
  • My God is a living God who can answer me.


  • The Lord is always with me to listen what I want to say to Him. 
  • God will not put me on trail.


  • Am I God's servant or God is my servant?
  • Am I thirsty for the Lord?
  • Do I lift up my hands to the Lord constantly?
  • How many good things that I can remember God has done for me?


  • O Lord, yes, no one is innocent in your sight. 
  • O Lord, sometimes I have done the wrong things without knowing, please teach me to do everything right in Jesus's name.

  • O Lord, please listen to my prayer, please hear me and help me.
  • O Lord, please help me to quit smoking. You know my smoking enemy has hunted me down and completely defeated me. I really want to quit the smoking, O Lord, please help me, set me free from this dark prison. O Lord, please let me know when I can get out of this addiction. O Lord, I am in deep despair. Please come to help me, empower me. I need Your power. Only Your power can set me free forever and ever.

good examples:

  • To think about "all" good things that God has done to light up others and myself.
  • To bring to mind "all" God's deeds in order to live in the hopes.

listen to God's voice and commands:

  • My child, 
  • Do not give up.
  • Your enemies cannot hunt you down.
  • Your difficult situation cannot hunt you down.
  • Your financial problems cannot hunt you down.
  • Your relationships and friendships cannot hunt you down.
  • Because I am with you, and I will lift you up.
  • Your enemies cannot shut the door which I am going to open for you.