1/11 _ Psalms 7:6-12

Rise in your anger, O Lord !
Stand up against the fury of my enemies; rouse yourself and help me !
Justice is what you demand, so bring together all the peoples around you, and rule over them from above.
You are the judge of all people. Judge in my favor, O Lord; you know that I am innocent.
You are a righteous God and judge our thoughts and desires.
Stop the wickedness of evildoers and reward those who are good.
God is my protector; he saves those who obey him.
God is a righteous judge and always condemns the wicked.
If they do not change their ways, God will sharpen his sword.
He bends his bow and makes it ready;

What have I learned from the scripture?
What kind of Seed do I need to sow?
What kind of God I serve or follow up?
What promises will I receive?
What kind of attitudes must be kept or adjusted?
What kind of sins do I have to confess?
what kind of good examples can I learn and act?
What have I heard from God by the scripture above?

get further understanding about God:

  • God is my protector.
  • God will fight for me. 


  • If I will stay in faith, my dreams will happen sooner than I thought and be bigger than I imagined. I believe that is the way my God is. 


  • When I pray for God's promises instead of my problems, it will change my attitude from a victim to a victor, and things will change in my favor.


  • I should not let doubt and fear block my blessing,.

good examples:

  • Keep praying, keep standing, keep believing and keep moving forward in the victory God has prepared for me. 

listen to God's voice and commands:

  • My child, 
  • Please let me work in you, through you and for you, and you will have my kind of results.